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UNIST-Chemistry-TH KWON -

E.R.Lab is interested in development of new materials and technologies for enhancing efficiency, stability and applicability of below four research fields.

If you have any interests about our research, please feel free to contact Prof. Kwon.

(E.R.Lab is looking forward to working with undergraduate students who are interested in our research, but we don't have any postdoctoral researcher employment plans for now.)

1) Energy Harvesting System: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSCs)

Development of High Efficiency and Photo/Thermal/Water Stable Sensitizeres

: Molecular engineering of sensitizers with fused heterocyclic compounds and development of device technology

  1) quasi-solid state electrolyte and 2) multi-layer fabrication.  

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

: Highly efficient and transparent Red/Green/Blue colored DSCs

Indoor Light DSCs as Power Generator of Inter of Things (IoTs)

: Development of sensitizers and device technology for high efficiency/power DSC under indoor light (LED, Fluorescent lamp).

Dye-Sensitized Solar Battery/Capacitor (DSBs)

: Development of indoor customized photo-rechargeable all-in-one system

Focus Induced Photoresponse (FIPs) for 3D Image Sensor

: Development of near IR absorbed sensitizers

2) Energy Storage System: Ultrasonic Spray Chemistry

Energy Conversion and Storage: Simple carbon-heteroatom bond formation

3) Catalysts: Sea neutralization and NH3 production

4) Bioapplication: Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Mechanism Study: PDT efficacy comparison by targeting various cellular organelles

PDT Under Low Light Intensity: Enhancement of ROS generation efficiency via energy transfer

Biocompatible PDT: Iridium complexes encapsulated in biocompatible nanogels

Cancer Targeted PDT: Conjugation with cancer targeting ligand and development of size control method for EPR effect

5) Optoelectronics

Enhanced Stability and Efficiency: Application of iridium complexes as interfacial layer, additive, etc.

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