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Energy Recognition Lab   

Organic Functional Materials and Their Applications

Energy Recognition; Light & Energy Conversion and Its Applications

 In the 21st century, the world faces more serious problems on energy, the environment, food and disease than ever before. In order to come up with these fundamental issues, light could be one of ideal solution because it is one of nature’s mechanism for carrying energy and information from one place to another with wavelength and frequency. Understanding how that light is efficiently absorbed and transformed into more useful forms of energy would give insight into how we can design photosensitizer to harness and control light more effectively. Along with that, we have researched on thiophene or Iridium complex based photosensitizers toward applications of energy harvesting (dye-sensitized solar cells, polymer solar cells, and perovskite solar cells), storage (supercapacitor and battery) system for green energy and environment and bio-fields (organelle probe and photodynamic therapy) to overcome our chronical diseases (cancer and Alzheimer). In addition, we develop ultrasonic spray chemistry for hetero/multi-atom doped carbon-based materials and conjugated microporous polymer materials by the using of ultrasound effect that releases enormous energy when the vacuum bubble collapses, followed by their applications into energy storage and/or catalysts (CO2 reduction to prevent ocean acidification and N2 fixation for NH3 synthesis under ambient condition). Thus, these our group research topics will contribute on sustainable goals adopted by UN, such as food (F), energy (E), environment (E), and disease (D) to achieve a better and more supportable future for all of us. We will strongly believe that our research themes, FEED, supply with nourishment to our society.

Keywords: energy harvesting, energy storage, catalysts, photodynamic therapy.



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Indoor-light PRBs

"Indoor-light-energy-harvesting dye-sensitized photo-rechargeable battery" Energy Environ. Sci. (DOI: 10.1039/C9EE03245B)

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